Fall in New Mexico. A good time to settle your case?

Fall has finally arrived in New Mexico!

For me this is the best time of year, not too hot, not too cold, great cycling weather. I rode my bike to work today, so the day started out well. I’m looking forward to more biking days in the near future.

Fall is often the time when workers’ compensation cases are resolved. Insurers like to close as many cases as possible before the end of the year. The New Mexico Workers’ Compensation Administration coincidentally has been setting aside the last week in October the past few years for “Settlement Week.” During that week, the Administration still functions, but the focus is on having the judges and mediators doing settlement conferences and getting cases settled. This year there are no trials set for that week as far as I know.

Each year, it’s my understanding, that “Settlement Week” has gotten more and more successful, which is good for injured workers, employers and insurers. It’s also good for the workers’ compensation system in New Mexico.

If you have an ongoing case at the Administration now or have one in the future, “Settlement Week” is something you should consider.

When should you settle? That is a very important and, often, complicated question. If you are considering settling your workers’ compensation case or any legal case, you should consult with and, hopefully, retain an attorney if you don’t have one already. A qualified attorney will be able to go through the pros and cons of settling your case and also educate on you on the different types of settlements available to you. So, the short answer to the question is: it depends on the individual case.

Now, try to get out and enjoy the great Fall weather.