What a worker needs to know before they get hurt on the job.

Before you get hurt on the job, before you have a workers’ compensation claim, before you need to see a doctor for a work injury, you need to know, at a minimum, the answer to these questions:

  1. What doctor are you are supposed to go to for treatment if you are hurt the job?
  2. Who are you supposed to report a work injury to?
  3. What forms are you supposed to fill out and who do you give them to?
  4. After you’ve seen the doctor, who do you talk to about getting back to work?

If you’re currently employed, ask your supervisor or ask someone in human resources for the answers to these questions.

If you’re starting a new job, ask these questions during the training period. If you don’t get satisfactory answers, ask your supervisor or someone in human resources once you’re working.

Hopefully, you won’t ever get hurt on the job or have to file a workers’ compensation claim. However, if you know the answers to these questions before you are hurt on the job, it can make your workers’ compensation claim go a lot more smoothly and get you back to work sooner.